Washington - COVID-19 Covered


Total Cases: 20,181 (May 27)
Tests Administered: 330,598 (May 25)
Fatalities: 1,078 (May 27)
  • Governor Inslee announced the launch of a statewide contact tracing initiative to complement the state’s reopening plan. The effort will be led by local health departments and supported by the state Department of Health. (May 13)  
  • Governor Inslee announced that Washington state will receive more than 500,000 tests from the federal supply each month. (May 1)  
  • Officials in Whatcom County sought help from Governor Inslee in obtaining additional test kits. (March 26) 
  • Officials in King County began a program to distribute home testing kits. (March 23)  
  • On March 19, the state announced that more than 25,000 people had tested negative for COVID-19. (March 19) State officials said they had received an additional 8,000 test kits from the federal Department of Health & Human Services(March 19)  
  • For testing information visit the State Department of Health website or visit its Medium page. (March 9) 


Essential Service Designations:

  • In conjunction with Gov. Inslee’s March 23 stay at home order, the State defined “essential critical infrastructure workers” to include various types of workers in the health care, emergency services, food and agriculture, energy, water and wastewater, transportation and logistics, communications and IT, hazardous materials, defense, chemicals and financial services sectors. (March 23)

Labor & Workforce Guidance, Standards and Regulations:

  • Governor Inslee announced a plan to allow current construction projects previously underway to be completed. (April 27) 
  • Governor Inslee announced reducing the number of incarcerated individuals to protect those living and working in prisons by focusing on the early release of vulnerable populations, including nonviolent individuals who are due to be released within the coming weeks and months. (April 14) 
  • Washington passed a law (HB 2739) including a shared leave provision for workers impacted by COVID-19. (March 17) 

Economic Stimulus & Relief:

  • Governor Inslee announced nearly $300 million in funding from the state’s federal funding to be awarded to local governments that did not receive direct distributions under the CARES Act. (April 28) 
  • Governor Inslee announced that Colorado and Nevada are joining Washington, Oregon, and California in the Western States Pact for reopening Western states. (April 27)  
  • Governor Inslee extended 20 proclamations relating to COVID-19 through early May. (April 24) 
  • The Employment Security Department launched an online system to accommodate the expansion of unemployment benefits enabled by the CARES Act. (April 23 
  • Governor Inslee issued three proclamationsincluding extending currently waived restrictions on truck driver hours through May 15, extending currently waived and suspended laws relating to operation of utilities through May 4, and waiving and suspending laws and fees that create barriers for community association meetings being held remotely. (April 20) 
  • Governor Inslee issued a proclamation that expands the existing moratorium on evictions until June 4. (April 17) 
  • Governor Inslee issued an emergency proclamation that expedites the ability to release nonviolent incarcerated individuals due to be released from prison facilities in the coming weeks and months. (April 16) 
  • Governor Inslee issued a proclamation suspending statues that allow the collection of consumer debt judgements. (April 15 
  • Governor Inslee suspended the statues of limitations for all crimes and waived the 1-year limitation on raising post-conviction challenges for criminal convictions. (April 15 
  • Governor Inslee, California Governor Gavin Newsom and Oregon Governor Kate Brown announced an agreement on a shared vision for reopening their economies and controlling COVID-19 in the future. (April 14 
  • Governor Inslee announced a partnership with multiple nonprofits launching a statewide food relief fund. (April 8 
  • Governor Inslee waived penalties for the late payment of taxes for liquor and cannabis businesses. (March 24) 
  • The state has enacted legislation providing $200 million to state agencies, local government and tribal governments to respond to COVID-19shifting $175 million from the Budget Stabilization Account to the Disaster Response Account for COVID-19 mitigation, and freeing up $25 million from the Budget Stabilization Account small business unemployment impact assistance. (March 17) 

Business Support & Resources:

  • Governor Inslee announced extensions of 12 proclamations, including statutory waivers and suspensions to the Department of Licensing, Department of Revenue, Unemployment Benefits, and Liquor and Cannabis Board. (May 6)  
  • Governor Inslee issued a proclamation waiving statutory barriers for renewing or extending commerciadriver’s licenses and learner permits. (April 15) 
  • Governor Inslee issued a proclamation authorizing nursing homes to transfer or discharge residents to another long-term care facility, enabling facilities to care for similarly situated residents. (April 13)  
  • Governor Inslee announced several actions to help small businesses, including the formation of the Working Washington Small Business Grant to assist small businesses with under 10 employees; the provision of business resiliency assistance through partnerships with organizations that serve economically disadvantaged communities; and the acceptance of applications for U.S. SBA forgivable loans. (April 8)  
  • The Washington Department of Revenue has said it would grant requests for extensions for filing and paying taxes. (Washington DOR) 
  • Federal disaster aid is available to all Washington businesses. (March 23) 


Shelter-In-Place Orders:

  • Governor Inslee announced new criteria for smaller counties in the state to apply for variances that would allow them to open more businesses than allowed statewide. (May 20) 
  • Governor Inslee issued additional guidance for real estate and fitness operations in Phase 2. (May 20 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance for resuming pet grooming operations. (May 19) 
  • Governor Inslee announced a plan for all elective procedures in the state to resume. (May 19) 
  • Governor Inslee issued additional guidance on construction, golf and photography during Phase 2 of reopening. (May 18 
  • Governor Inslee extended a COVID-19 proclamation aimed to give emergency protection to domestic violence victims. (May 18 
  • Governor Inslee extended four existing proclamations, including statutory waivers and suspensions regarding truck driver hours, CDL licensing waivers, and community associations meetings and late fees. (May 18 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance clarifying Phase 1 outdoor recreation requirements and set forth outdoor recreation guidance for Phase 2. (May 15 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance to certain counties regarding the resumption of personal services and professional services as part of Phase Two of the state’s “Safe Start” plan. (May 14) 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance for partially resuming limited in-store retail and manufacturing operations for counties granted variance under the Safe Start Phase 2 recovery plan laid out last week. (May 13 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance regarding the resumption of dine-in services at restaurants and taverns in certain counties under Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan. (May 12 
  • Governor Inslee extended nine existing proclamations, including statutory waivers and suspensions regarding health care facilities and hand sanitizer, post-retirement employment, license renewals, annual leave and pay procedures, among others. (May 12 
  • Governor Inslee released additional Safe Start Phase 1 guidance, including guidance around curbside retail sales and landscaping. (May 11 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance for restarting essential workforce development programs. (May 8) 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance for resuming the car wash industry. (May 8) 
  • Governor Inslee issued guidance for vehicle and vessel sales, and drive-in religious services as part of Phase 1 of the state’s “Safe Start” plan. (May 7 
  • Governor Inslee announced the members of Safe State advisory groups designed to inform state decision-making around Public Health and Health Care Systems, Safe Work and Economic Recovery, and Social Supports. (May 6 
  • Governor Inslee signed an executive order outlining the new COVID-19 “Safe Start” plan to reopen the economy. (May 5 
  • Governor Inslee released a chart outlining specifics of the state’s phased approach to reopening with modified social distancing measures. (May 4 
  • Governor Inslee rolled out a new COVID-19 risk assessment dashboard to help facilitate the evaluation of lifting restrictions outlined in the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order. (April 30 
  • Governor Inslee announced a partial reopening of some outdoor recreation activities, including state parks, fishing, hunting, and playing golf. (April 28 


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Social-Distancing Guidelines:

  • Governor Inslee banned social gatherings of 50 or more people. (March 16)
  • Funerals and memorial services have been banned. (March 20)

Delivery Services:



  • Governor Inslee extended school closures for the rest of the 2019-2020 school year (April 7) 

State Higher Education:

  • Governor Inslee issued a proclamation barring all public and private universities, colleges, technical programs, and similar programs from conducting in-person classes. (March 13) 

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