North Dakota - COVID-19 Covered

North Dakota

Total Cases: 2,625 (June 2)
Tests Administered: 73,301 (June 1)
Fatalities: 61 (June 2)
  • North Dakota is launching a second contact tracing app, Care19 Exposure, which uses technology developed by Apple and Google. When an individual is identified as COVID-19 positive, they can consent to allow notifications to be anonymously sent to close contacts. (May 20) 
  • Governor Burgum announced the creation of a Red River Valley COVID-19 Task Force to address a concentration of COVID-19 cases in Cass County. The Task Force is increasing testing in the county and deploying rapid response teams. (May 6) 
  • Governor Burgum and the director of the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services outlined a plan to significantly increase COVID-19 testing capacity to process a goal of 1,800 tests per day by April 30. (April 22) 
  • North Dakota officials unveiled an app called Care19 that is designed to increase contact tracing to track the location and habits of individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19. (April 7 
  • North Dakota was issued a major presidential disaster declaration. The declaration will allow the state access to federal disaster relief funding and resources. (April 2) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order (EO 2020-09) allowing pharmacists to issue emergency refills of non-Schedule II prescription drugs, up to a 30 day supply, allowing health care payers to eliminate need for proof of delivery to reduce human contact, and allowing licensed pharmacists to administer COVID-19 tests under guidance of the ND DOH (March 21 


Essential Service Designations:

  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order suspending certain administrative codes in order to allow for maximum Medicare and Medicaid assistance to be administered. (April 17) 
  • Governor Burgum suspended certain licensing requirements for psychiatric residential treatment facilities and suspended provisions requiring scheduled medical and dental care for children in these facilities, with the assumption that scheduled care will resume as soon as is reasonably possible. (April 13) 
  • All state agencies and offices were directed to accelerate the transition of non-essential staff members to remote, in-home work sites. (March 19 

Labor & Workforce Guidance, Standards and Regulations:

  • Governor Burgum announced that worker’s compensation benefits will be extended to funeral directors and other employees of funeral homes who contract COVID-19. (April 16). 
  • Governor Burgum announced the mandatory closure of restaurants, bars, gyms, movie theaters and personal care businesses will be extended through at least April 30.  (April 15) 
  • A childcare emergency operations grant was established to support childcare providers who adopt modified operating procedures during the COVID-19 crisis. (April 10) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order that suspended unemployment tax payments and interest charges related to these taxes. (March 27) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order extending worker’s compensation benefits to all first responders and healthcare workers/providers who contract COVID-19. (March 26 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order (EO 2020-08) expanding eligibility of unemployment benefits related to COVID-19. Under this order, benefits paid to those affected by COVID-19 would not be charged to their former employer, individuals affected by the virus are no longer required to register for work, requalify for benefits on a weekly basis, or stipulated by the conditions of their release from employment. (March 20 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order (EO 2020-06) ordering the closure of all bars, restaurants, breweries, cafes and similar on-site dining establishments, recreational facilities, health clubs, athletic facilities, theaters and music venues. (March 19 

Economic Stimulus & Relief:

  • The North Dakota Emergency Commission has approved using over $500 million in federal funds for COVID-19 response and recovery. This accounts for 42 percent of the state’s total relief fund. (May 12) 
  • Governor Burgum presented a strategic budget for the 2021-2023 biennium, with a focus on teleworking and technology to offset the effects of COVID-19. (May 1) 
  • North Dakota was reportedly allocated approximately $530 million from the federal stimulus package, the majority of which will go to education ($128 million) and transportation ($181.1 million). (March 26) 

Business Support & Resources:

  • Governor Burgum announcean outline for reopening the economy in May, which requires robust, widespread rapid testing capacity; contact tracing and infrastructure; targeted, effective quarantine; protections for vulnerable populations; sufficient health care capacity; adequate PPE for health care workers; new standard operating procedures for reopening; plans for dealing with additional waves of COVID-19. (April 15) 
  • The U.S. Small Business Administration is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to North Carolina small businesses suffering substantial economic injury as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), SBA Administrator Jovita Carranza announced on March 19. (March 19) 


Shelter-In-Place Orders:

  • North Dakota state offices will reopen on June 1, one month after businesses reopened. (May 26) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order allowing school superintendents to work with school boards and use their discretion to allow school facilities to be used for on-site purposes over the summer, including standardized testing, childcare services, summer school, extended school year programs, Head Start, and any other programs deemed necessary. (May 19) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order allowing recreational and sports arenas and music and entertainment venues to reopen while adopting the North Dakota Smart Restart: Large Gatherings Protocol. All state workers who have been teleworking have been ordered to continue teleworking until further notice. State facility access is limited to appointment only, including the state capital. (May 15) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order allowing for the reopening of businesses, including bars, restaurants, retail shops, and salons, on May 1, providing they abide by the “North Dakota Smart Restart” safety guidelines, which include guidelines for maintaining social distancing within businesses. (April 29) 
  • Governor Burgum released “North Dakota Smart Restart” protocols, including safety guidelines for reopening high-contact businesses like restaurants and bars, fitness centers, and salons. Guidelines for all industries include posting signage for social distancing, adhering to CDC guidelines, encouraging the use of cloth face coverings, allowing contactless paymentand providing hand sanitizer. (April 28) 
  • Governor Burgum announced an outline for reopening the economy in May, which requires robust, widespread rapid testing capacity; contact tracing and infrastructure; targeted, effective quarantine; protections for vulnerable populations; sufficient health care capacity; adequate PPE for health care workers; new standard operating procedures for reopening; plans for dealing with additional waves of COVID-19. (April 15) 


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Social-Distancing Guidelines:

  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order requiring individuals who tested positive for COVID-19 to self-quarantine for fourteen days. He ordered household members of those who tested positive to quarantine as well, and rules that only healthcare workers and others performing services to assist the elderly or disabled are permitted in the residence. (April 21) 
  • Governor Burgum suspended visitation to long term care facilities, including nursing homes, except in end-of-life circumstances and compassionate care circumstances, such as medical and emotional care for patients with terminal diseases. (April 6) 
  • North Dakota is currently observing CDC social distancing guidelines and no state specific guidance has been issued by the Governor to date.  

Delivery Services:

  • The Governor issued EO 2020-06, take-out, delivery, curb side, drive thru, and off-sale services may continue. (March 17)



  • At the discretion of local school boards, high school graduation ceremonies can take place provided they follow social distancing guidelines. (May 6) 
  • K-12 schools will continue remote learning through the end of the year. (May 1) 
  • Governor Burgum has suspended the requirement for a written performance review for teachers, principals, assistants and superintendents. (April 7) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order amending school closures to accommodate childcare providers to provide childcare services to children K-5. (March 31) 
  • Per EO 2020-10, all K-12 public and non-public schools are closed until further notice and all schools in the state are required to develop age-appropriate distance learning plans. These plans must be submitted on or before March 27. (March 23) 
  • A map of statewide school closures can be found here 

State Higher Education:

  • No official statewide order has been issued as of March 21, but universities and colleges appear to be following CDC and NDDOH guidelines.

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