North Dakota - COVID-19 Covered

North Dakota

Total Cases: 286,950 (March 10)
Fatalities: 2,470 (March 10)
  • A list of North Dakota COVID-19 testing sites can be found here 


Essential Service Designations:

  • No records found to date.

Labor & Workforce Guidance, Standards and Regulations:

  • North Dakota released official reopening guidance for businesses based on sector. Details for each sector can be found here. 
  • Governor Burgum signed a bill into law that would protect employers from lawsuits by workers who contracted COVID-19 while on the job. (April 23) 
  • The North Dakota Department of Human Services Behavioral Health Division has partnered with Sanford Health to respond to pandemic-related stressors for health care workers through a program called Reach for Resilience. (December 21) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order restoring the work registration and search requirements for individuals seeking unemployment benefits, effective July 26. (July 8) 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order expanding eligibility of unemployment benefits related to COVID-19. Under this order, benefits paid to those affected by COVID-19 would not be charged to their former employer, individuals affected by the virus are no longer required to register for work, requalify for benefits on a weekly basis, or stipulated by the conditions of their release from employment. (March 20 
  • Governor Burgum issued an executive order that suspended unemployment tax payments and interest charges related to these taxes. (March 27) 

Economic Stimulus & Relief:

  • The North Dakota Department of Commerce announced $20 million in grant funds would be available for round two of the Hospitality Economic Resiliency Grant PLUS. (February 26) 
  • Governor Burgum announced that $2.48 million in emergency grant relief has been awarded to North Dakota education entities serving K-12 students and families to support all learners during the COVID-19 pandemic. (December 11) 
  • The North Dakota Emergency Commission today approved the reallocation of approximately $35 million in turned-back federal funding to support the state’s COVID-19 response, including $15 million to support medical staffing and nearly $14 million to support economic recovery. (November 23) 
  • Governor Burgum announced that North Dakota had applied to participate in the Lost Wages Assistance program created by President Donald Trump to ease the economic burden for those who have lost their employment because of the coronavirus pandemicproviding them with an additional $300 to $400 per week in supplemental unemployment benefits. (August 26) 
  • The North Dakota Emergency Commission unanimously approved a third tranche of federal funding to support the state’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, directing nearly $320 million to cities and counties, public health services, unemployment insurance, and other programs. (August 3) 
  • North Dakota approved an additional $401 million in federal funding to go towards the state’s COVID-19 response and economic recovery. (June 18) 
  • As part of the CARES Act, the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians received $300,000 in federal aid to combat COVID-19 in rural tribal communities. (June 1) 
  • The North Dakota Emergency Commission approved using over $500 million in federal funds for COVID-19 response and recovery(May 12) 

Business Support & Resources:

  • The North Dakota Department of Commerce introduced the Economic Resiliency Grant, which was meant to support investments in business facilities, systems, equipment or supplies to reduce the spread of infection and inspire consumer confidence. Businesses and nonprofit applicants could apply for funding up to $50,000 for qualifying project costs. (July 7) 



  • North Dakota officials announced that fully vaccinated individuals would no longer be required to wear face coverings in most indoor and outdoor settings. (May 17) 
  • Governor Burgun lifted North Dakota’s COVID-19 emergency declaration. (April 30 
  • Governor Burgum rescinded the state’s emergency order, ending the 19 pandemic-related executive orders, including one that required individuals who test positive for COVID-19 to self-isolate to prevent community spread. (April 21) 
  • The North Dakota State Senate approved a ban on state-issued mask mandates. (April 7) 
  • North Dakota residents 16 years of age and older became eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine (March 29) 
  • The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation will resume in-person visitation at all facilities beginning the week of March 29. (March 12) 
  • Governor Burgum terminated orders pertaining to the reopening of certain businesses, work registration requirements for those seeking unemployment benefits, and public hearings conducted by the Department of Environmental Quality. (February 22) 
  • Governor Burgum announced the statewide risk level would be adjusted from moderate to low, effective 8:00AM on January 29. The adjusted risk level increased the recommended occupancy limits for bars, restaurants, and other food service establishments from 65 percent to 80 percent. (January 27 
  • Governor Burgum announced he would allow the state’s mask mandate to expire on January 18. (January 15) 
  • Governor Burgum signed an amended executive order officially increasing the capacity limits for restaurants, bars and gatherings. (January 7) 
  • Governor Burgum signed an amended executive order paving the way for restaurants and bars to resume normal hours of operation as active cases and hospitalizations due to COVID-19 have decreased in North Dakota. (December 21) 
  • Governor Burgum’s office signed an order requiring face coverings to be worn in indoor businesses and indoor public settings as well as outdoor public settings where physical distancing isn’t possible. The order, which was in effective from November 14 through December 13, included exceptions for children under age 5, individuals with a medical or mental health condition or disability that makes it unreasonable to wear a mask, and religious services. (November 13) 
  • Governor Burgum increased the COVID-19 risk levels for 22 North Dakota counties, a recognition of the rising coronavirus positives, deaths, and hospitalizations in recent weeks. (November 5) 
  • Governor Burgum and the North Dakota Department of Health announced updated guidance for the quarantining of individuals who were identified as close contacts of individuals who tested positive for COVID-19. (October 1) 
  • Governor Burgum announced the launch of the new Care19 Alert smartphone app designed to notify users of possible COVID-19 exposure while protecting their privacy with technology developed by Apple and Google. (August 13) 
  • Governor Burgum launched a “Mask Up ND” campaign to encourage North Dakotans to wear face coverings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. (August 10) 



  • The North Dakota Department of Health will roll out free rapid testing for K-12 teachers, staff, and administrators this week as part of a pilot project to identify asymptomatic COVID-19 cases so they can quickly isolate and prevent further spread of the virus. (November 22) 
  • The North Dakota Emergency Commission unanimously approved the reallocation of turned-back federal funding to support the state’s COVID-19 response and recovery efforts, directing nearly $221 million to K-12 school districts, cities and counties, businesses including the hospitality industry, hospitals, and other programs. (October 23)  
  • Governor Burgum announced that competitive grants are now available to K-12 school districts for developing and improving the availability of distance or remote learning techniques and technologies. (October 12) 
  • To help engage parents and children in open communication and support them through this transition, the North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division created a new toolkit for parents called Parenting During a Pandemic. (August 25) 
  • Governor Burgum and state Superintendent Kirsten Baesler announced that North Dakota is launching an effort to ease the return to school this fall. (August 20) 
  • Governor Burgum announced a new precision online learning tool for K-12 schools and families. (August 10) 
  • The North Dakota Department of Human Services’ Behavioral Health Division has a new resource available to help parents and caregivers in supporting children with back-to-school plans, whether that means returning to school full time, distance learning, or a hybrid model. (August 4) 
  • Governor Burgum and State Superintendent Kirsten Baesler released guidelines to help North Dakota school districts plan for reopening this fall. (July 14) 

State Higher Education:

  • Governor Burgum announced that $2.5 million in emergency grant relief has been awarded to North Dakota colleges and universities to support modified learning and workforce training enhancements during the COVID-19 pandemic. (November 3) 
  • A list of North Dakota universities and colleges planning to reopen in the fall can be found here. 

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