Missouri - COVID-19 Covered


Total Cases: 12,579 (May 27)
Tests Administered: 160,298 (May 26)
Fatalities: 693 (May 27)
  • Governor Parson announced the state is prioritizing testing in high-risk settings such as long-term care facilities. (May 20)
  • Governor Parson announced a new state goal of increasing testing to 7,500 tests per day. (May 19)
  • Missouri’s health department director announced the state would be receiving enough doses of an experimental COVID-19 drug, Remdesivir, to treat 600 patients. (May 12)
  • Governor Parson and Pfizer’s Chesterfield facility announced they are scaling up operations for COVID-19 vaccine production. (May 7)
  • Governor Parson signed an executive order to extend his previous executive order which mobilized the Missouri National Guard in the state’s COVID-19 response efforts. (May 4)
  • Missouri increased testing capacity to approximately 50,000 tests each week (if needed) divided between the Missouri State Public Health Laboratory and at least 15 private national and in-state laboratories. (April 23)


Essential Service Designations:

  • Governor Parson’s stay-at-home order does not prohibit Missourians from accessing essential services, such as grocery stores, gas stations, and banks, or engaging in outdoor recreation, provided that necessary precautions are taken and maintained to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Missouri follows essential service designations set forth by the federal government. (April 3)

Labor & Workforce Guidance, Standards and Regulations:

  • Governor Parson signed Executive Order to extend his previous executive order easing regulatory burdens. (May 4)
  • Governor Parson signed Executive Order extending his previous executive order which waived the requirement for a person to be physically present in front of a notary public. (May 4)
  • Governor Parson announced he has approved a waiver granting full reciprocity for physicians and surgeons from other states who wish to assist Missourians during the COVID-19 crisis. (March 30)

Economic Stimulus & Relief:

  • Governor Parson announced that the state will receive $66 million for childcare assistance and $1.5 million for food banks from the federal CARES Act. (May 6)
  • Governor Parson announced the state will begin disbursing funds received through the federal CARES Act to local governments. (May 4)
  • Missouri State Treasurer Scott Fitzpatrick announced the creation of a CARES Act funds information portal, in hopes that it will “allow Missouri citizens to feel confident that we are working to support our local communities and the state as a whole.” (April 22)
  • The state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against the Chinese government alleging that Chinese officials are “responsible for the enormous death, suffering, and economic losses they inflicted on the world, including Missourians.” (April 21)
  • Governor Parson announced that the state will receive a $152.4 million grant for 75 state airports to help respond to the COVID-19 crisis. (April 15)
  • Governor Parson announced the Missouri Department of Transportation received a $61.7 million grant from the CARES Act to boost rural transit systems in Missouri. (April 14)
  • Governor Parson signed a supplemental budget that provides access to federal funding under the CARES Act, which will be used to buy more PPE, provide alternate medical locations, and staffing. A working group was established to make recommendations on the best use of the funding. (April 10)
  • Senator Roy Blunt announced that Missouri will receive an additional $3.9 million for coronavirus response efforts, bringing their total CDC funding to more than $13 million for coronavirus response efforts. (April 6)
  • Governor Parson announced he is planning to restrict $180 million in spending to ensure a balanced state budget and the necessary funds to combat COVID-19. (April 1)
  • President Trump approved Governor Parson’s request for a federal major disaster declaration for the state of Missouri. (March 26)
  • CMMS approved Missouri’s request for a Section 1135 Medicaid waiver, giving Missouri flexibility for its Medicaid programs and allowing them to alter requirements and address the COVID-19 pandemic. (March 25)

Business Support & Resources:

  • The Missouri Chamber of Commerce called coronavirus liability an “emerging problem in Missouri” and called on Governor Parson to enact a special session to allow lawmakers to take action to protect businesses from coronavirus-related lawsuits. (May 20)
  • Governor Parson highlighted the economic recovery portion of Missouri’s “Show Me Strong” recovery plan including funding that has been given to businesses as a part of the Paycheck Protection Program as well as other opportunities within federal stimulus funds to “assist businesses with training and workforce needs.” (May 12)
  • Governor Parson spoke about the importance of “safely re-engaging in the economy” and supporting Missouri businesses by shopping and buying local. (May 5)


Shelter-In-Place Orders:

  • Missouri casinos are set to open June 1. (May 14)
  • Starting May 4, all Missouri businesses will be able to reopen permitting retailers and restaurants must follow health and safety measures outlined in Missouri’s Show Me Strong recovery plan. (April 27)
  • Governor Parson announced the first phase of the “Show Me Strong Recovery” Plan, will start May 4 and will: “Expand testing capacity and volume in the state; Expand reserves of PPE by opening public and private supply chains; Continue to monitor and, if necessary, expand hospital and health care system capacity, including isolation and alternate care facilities for those that cannot self-quarantine at home; Improve ability to predict potential outbreaks using Missouri’s public health data.” (April 27)


  • No state-wide records found.

Social-Distancing Guidelines:

  • Starting May 4, there will be no limit on the size of social gatherings if people maintain the current six-foot social distancing efforts(May 4) 
  • The Department of Health and Senior Services issued the Economic Reopening Health Order to provide further guidance on reopening plans, including social distancing guidelines. (April 27) 

Delivery Services:

  • Governor Parson signed an executive order to extend his previous executive order through June 15; the order allows restaurants to sell unprepared food. (May 4)
  • MODOT has announced a free, temporary overweight permit that allows haulers to transport up to 100,000 pounds on any Missouri highway if they are carrying supplies or equipment relating to COVID-19 virus response efforts. (March 26)



  • S. Department of Education confirmed that Missouri will receive $208 million in federal funding from the CARES Act to “help K-12 schools respond to COVID-19 related needs.” (April 15)
  • All Missouri public and charter schools will be closed the remainder of the school year. (April 9)

State Higher Education:

  • S. Department of Education allocated $206 million in funding for Missouri colleges, universities, and trade schools; $103 million will go towards emergency cash grants to students to cover expenses like course materials, food, housing, and health care, and another $103 million will be allocated to schools to offset other COVID-19 expenses. (April 9)
  • The state’s three largest public universities – Missouri State University, University of Central Missouri, and Southeast Missouri State University – have said that starting March 30, in-person classes will be provided through alternative means.

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