Mississippi - COVID-19 Covered


Total Cases: 990,756 (March 10)
Fatalities: 13,370 (March 10)
  • A list of Mississippi COVID-19 testing locations and providers can be found here.  
  • The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services launched a new dashboard to track the progress of COVID-19 vaccinations. The dashboard can be found here.  


Essential Service Designations:

  • An executive order signed by Governor Reeves identifies the following sectors as essential: public safety, first responders, law enforcement, health care, infrastructure, manufacturing, agriculture and farms, retail including supermarkets, pharmacies and gas stations, waste management, mail services, media, educational services, financial services, legal services, construction, defense, IT, child care, and religious entities. (March 24)

Labor & Workforce Guidance, Standards and Regulations:

  • Governor Reeves outlined reopening guidelines for employers and employees of select businesses in his “Safe Return Order, including outdoor sports complexes, movie theaters and auditoriums, and libraries and museums. Details can be found here. (June 1) 
  • Specific reopening guidelines for employers and employees of gyms, salons, and barbershops can be found here 

Economic Stimulus & Relief:

  • Governor Reeves waived the one-week waiting period for unemployment benefits, which will remain in effect through March 14. (January 13) 
  • The Mississippi Department of Human Services announces $47 million from the state’s CARE funding will be allocated to helping child care centers stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic. (August 13) 
  • Governor Reeves and the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency launched the MEMA COVID-19 Emergency Relief Program to aid counties and municipalities financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. (July 22) 

Business Support & Resources:

  • Governor Reeves announced the launch of the ReSkill Mississippi initiative to help ease the economic burden on the state’s workforce. (August 5 
  • Mississippi’s Development Authority is accepting applications for small business grants. (June 11 
  • Governor Reeves opened a grant program for small businesses affected by the coronavirus pandemic, which will provide grants of $1,500 to $25,000 to businesses with 50 or fewer employees. (June 10 



  • Mississippi announced that children 12 years of age and older would now be eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. (May 14) 
  • Governor Reeves signed an executive order that would increase indoor capacity at restaurants and businesses to 75 percent. (March 31) 
  • CVS announced it would begin administering COVID-19 vaccines in Mississippi on March 21. (March 18) 
  • Governor Reeves announced that Mississippi expanded vaccine eligibility to all residents 50 years of age and above. (March 4) 
  • Governor Reeves announced the state would lift its mask mandate and increase capacity for all businesses and facilities to 100 percent. (March 2) 
  • Governor Reeves announced that Mississippi teachers and first responders would be eligible to begin receiving COVID-19 vaccinations on March 1. (February 26) 
  • Thirty Walmart stores in Mississippi were granted authorization to administer COVID-19 vaccinations beginning the week of February 8. (February 2) 
  • Governor Reeves announced additional social distancing guidelines for 12 more counties. The guidelines included a mask requirement while inside businesses, schools, and other public indoor spaces. (December 1) 
  • Governor Reeves modified his Safe Recover order to designate that hospitals must reserve at least 10 percent of its capacity for COVID-19 patients. (October 19) 
  • Governor Reeves announced social distancing measures for college and university outdoor stadiums and game day events. (August 20 
  • A statewide mask mandate has been announced. (August 4) 



  • Governor Reeves signed an executive order that would increase indoor class capacity to 50 percent. (March 31) 
  • Mississippi school districts announced plans for fall reopening. (July 14) 
  • The Mississippi Department of Education offered three options for how schools could offer classes in the fall: a traditional schedule, a hybrid schedule and a virtual schedule. (June 13) 

State Higher Education:

  • A list of Mississippi universities and colleges planning to reopen in the fall can be found here. 

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